19 Best Domain Name Generators – Picking The Perfect URL In 2024

It’s not 1999 anymore. Twenty years ago, you could choose the perfect domain name in just a few minutes for any niche. Today, almost all of the short, sweet, and catchy domain names are taken, so it takes extra research and creativity to come up with a new domain worthy of your brand.

Even if you come up with a memorable and meaningful domain name, chances are the coveted .com extension is already taken, which means you’ll have to go back to the drawing board for another round of headaches and hair-pulling frustration.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. A domain name generator can help you find a great, available domain name in no time at all.

Like domain names, however, not all domain name generators are created equal. While most domain name generators are free, some are easier to use and do more than others, resulting in twice as many “Eureka!” moments.

Want to save yourself some hassle and frustration by using the best domain name generator right from the start? We reviewed dozens of domain name generators and put each to the test to help you do exactly that.

1. Lean Domain Search

Whether you’re looking for a real estate domain name generator, business domain name generator, or blog domain name generator, Lean Domain Search has you covered.

With this popular domain name generator, you can begin your domain name search by starting with a keyword. After typing in a single keyword, hundreds of related domain name ideas will magically appear.

Best of all, all results will have .com domain extensions, and you can:

• Filter your domain name results alphabetically or by popularity or length

• Save the domain names you like

• Track your domain search history

Needless to say, if you have a keyword you’d like to use but need some creative ideas on how to use it in an available domain, Lean Domain Search can help. When hunting for a great domain or domain name generator ideas, this is the first domain name generator you should turn to.

2. Namemesh

While Lean Domain Search is great if you have one keyword in mind, Name Mesh works best with several keywords. To find the right domain name with this domain name generator, you begin your domain name search by entering 2-3 keywords into the search box. Then, Name Mesh will generate lists of ideas based on certain categories, such as:

• New
• Common
• Similar
• Short

With Name Mesh, you can also filter your results according to domain extensions, maximum length, and unregistered domains. Plus, it will suggest several other keyword searches to give you even more possible domain name options.

3. Shopify Business Name Generator

Despite suggesting it’s only available for generating Shopify-related business names, the Shopify domain name generator actually provides comprehensive lists of all available domain name ideas.

Whether you this domain name generator Shopify products or not, you begin by picking a keyword you would like included in the domain. You’ll receive a ton of suggestions, and while you’ll be encouraged to use their suggested domain names to open a WordPress-powered Shopify shop, you can always purchase the domain at GoDaddy or elsewhere.

4. Nameboy

Namboy also helps you find domains according to keywords. After entering in one or two keywords, Nameboy will deliver a well-honed list of domain name suggestions. Nameboy also has a chart to easily determine which domain extensions are available and which ones are available to snag.

With Nameboy, you can also see rhyming keywords and hyphenated URL suggestions. This last feature is particularly useful if you already know which keywords you would like to use but want some suggestions for some different variations.

5. Domains Bot

Not only is it a great domain name generator free, but thanks to its clean and intuitive interface, Domains Bot is also one of the easiest to use domain name generators out there. getting a domain name simply requires entering a keyword and pressing the search button.

When you do so, a long list of available related domain names will appear. You can then further refine the list by setting your price range, allowing or not allowing synonyms for the keywords, choosing which TLDs to include, and more.

Domains Bot will also show you the social availability of each domain name, which is a nice plus. If you find a domain name you like, you can press the “Buy” button and choose from a lengthy list of domain registrars.

6. Panabee

Another great, easy-to-use domain name generator free is Panabee. Perfect for coming up with domains for WordPress blogs, this blog domain name generator is extremely simple to use.

Just enter a couple of keywords, and Panabee will automatically combine the words, spell them backwards, add characters and more to provide you with an abundance of possible URL ideas. You can also choose specific domain extensions and whether to include hyphens, for as many or as few domain name possibilities as you like.

Best of all, like Domains Bot, Panabee also checks the social availability of each domain idea, allowing you to have brand congruency across all media channels. This way, your website will perfectly align with your social pages.

If you see a domain name you like, you can easily register it with GoDaddy with the little more than the press of a button. If you’re looking for a domain name generator GoDaddy, it’s probably the closest thing.

7. Cool Name Ideas

If you’re searching for a great business name generator, Cool Name Ideas is worth checking out. Rather than being just another domain name generator random, it actually has filters for your customer base, business size, and more to better match your domain name with your specific business.

Cool Name Ideas also has more advanced options, allowing you to choose minimum and maximum character lengths and specific keyword placement. While it doesn’t tell you if the domain is available for Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest profiles, it does tell you whether or not the Twitter handle is taken, which is a plus.

8. Name Station

Name Station is both a keyword and random domain name generator. Unlike other domain name generators, it does both. Even more impressive is its “intelligent” technology, which automatically generates keyword-specific word extensions. This would take you hours of brainstorming and Google research.

Just about the only thing Name Station won’t do for you is actually buy the domain name. Using it is free, but it should come as no surprise that you won’t be able to get a free domain name with it.

Like other name generators, it will show you the cost of the premium .com extension as well as cheaper .net, .org, .biz extensions and so on. You just have to pick one out and register it with a domain registrar.

9. Wordoid

What is a wordoid? Good question. Simply put, wordoids are made up words that look nice, sound nicer, and make great names for things. They’re perfect for coming up with fun and creative names for companies, blogs, products, and domains.

This smart and free naming tool is arguably the most creative domain name generator available. Rather than just stringing words together, it actually creates new words automatically.

You won’t find the words Wordoid creates in any dictionary, but they’re just as catchy as they are creative and unique. Plus, you can create wordoids according to several different filters, including:

• Quality – The higher the quality of the wordoids you choose, the more natural the words will sound. There are three quality levels to choose from: high, medium, and low.

• Language – Wordoids can be created in several different languages. In fact, you can even create wordoids in several different languages for something truly unique and memorable.

• Length – You can determine a maximum number of characters for your wordoids. Since short domains and wordoids look better than long ones, this is an important feature.

• Pattern – You can enter a short fragment or leave the field blank. If you leave it blank, wordoids will automatically be created at random. If you choose to include a short fragment in your wordoids, you can also choose to have it in the beginning, middle, or end.

• Domain Name – With this domain name generator filter, you can choose to show or hide wordoids with .com and .net domain availability. In addition to seeing if a .com or .net wordoid is available, you can see where it is available too.

10. NameSmith

NameSmith is a super flexible domain name generator. Right from the start, you can go the keyword route or request random domain generation.

There are several search or generation filters to make use of as well. In fact, you can base your results according to TLDs, language, prefixes, suffixes, word blend varieties, modified spellings, and more.

With NameSmith, finding great names is easy, but finding available domains can be more a bit more challenging. Just keep this in mind as you may need to use another domain name generator to get more choices worth considering.

11. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search may provide you with hundreds of instant results, but it works best if you already have some keywords or domains in mind. You begin by entering your domain name idea. Instant Domain Search will then tell you if it’s taken or available. If it’s taken, it will suggest similar available alternatives.

You can also see which domains are up for auction, and a link on the site will take you directly to GoDaddy to make the purchase. While it doesn’t generate hundreds of domain name ideas, it makes the process of finding available domains for your ideas a little easier and less hassle-free.

12. Domain Fellow

Domain Fellow is one of the oldest domain name generators on the internet. However, just because it’s old doesn’t mean it isn’t great.

With Domain Fellow, you can not only come up with short, meaningful, and memorable domain names, but you can see if they’re available too.

You can also combine keywords or utilize their huge word database to create free, one-of-a-kind domains. They’re not as unique as wordoids, but they’re not half bad.

13. NameStall

NameStall provides a number of handy domain search tools to aid you in your quest for the perfect domain name. You can start with its domain generator tool, which you can use to search for domain names by specific keywords, popular keywords, parts of speech, industry categories, and more.

Like many other domain name generators, you can also choose where in your domain you want your keyword. You can also choose whether or not you want to include hyphens, and you can filter by domain extensions as well.

If this weren’t enough, NameStall also offers plenty of other great features, including:

• Similar domain name suggestion feature

• Instant domain search tool

• High-paying keywords search tool

• Brandable domain list

The results will show both taken and available domain names. If a domain you like is available, you can click on the “Register” link beside it to purchase it.

14. I Want My Name

Much like Instant Domain Search, I Want My Name works best for those who already have a few domain name ideas in mind. With it, you enter in the domain name you want along with an extension and it will let you know whether or not it’s available to snag.

If a domain name you want isn’t available, you’ll receive several alternative suggestions and the prices of each. However, you can also choose to hide unavailable domains if you want.

15. Impossibility!

Like Wordoid, Impossibility! takes a different approach to domain name generation. You begin by entering a keyword. You then choose different verbs, nouns, and adjectives to add.

You must also select a 4-, 5-, or 6-letter option, or you can choose to simply combine anything with your keyword for even more domain name suggestions. Either way, you’re sure to come up with tons of fun domain ideas.

16. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler is easy to use yet loaded with a ton of domain generation options. You can start on “Easy” mode by entering your ideal keywords, selecting your extensions, and pressing the “Search” button.

While this might seem par for the course, the neat thing about Domain Puzzler is the fact that you can include several different keywords all at once rather than just one or two at a time like you must do with other domain generation tools. It will also uniquely combine the keywords to create several different variations.

If you’re into SEO, which you should be, Domain Puzzler will also show the page rank of domain names, allowing you to choose the best one for some search engine love.

17. Dot-o-Mator

If you’re completely stuck and have no idea what keywords to go for or where to start, Dot-o-Mator can be a huge help. With it, you can choose between two categories to generate endings and beginnings of domains, and you can also generate a long list of random domain name options.

If you do have a topic or keywords in mind, you can also type them in and see what comes up. If you like anything you see, you can save them by adding them to your “Scratchbox.” You can also use Dot-o-Mator’s Web 2.0 Name Generator to receive random domain name and business name options without needing any keywords at all.

18. DomainWheel

DomainWheel is pretty new to the domain name generation scene. It features a clean, fresh design and a powerful domain generation tool.

That said, it works pretty much like most domain generators. You type in some keywords, choose your extensions, and view the results.

Where DomainWheel stands apart, however, is its use of intelligent technology. Rather than stopping at the above, it takes things one step further by creating a list of rhyming suggestions and additional keywords that might work better for your site.

19. Naque

There’s no other way around it, Naque is crazy – in a good way.

This unique domain name generator provides a ton of options for creating domain names, business names, puppy names, you name it.

You simply enter up to five words you would like in your domain name and Naque will jumble the words to create some unique words and word combinations. There are different button you can press to create domains in other ways, but this is one of the most effective and fun.

Is Naque the best domain generator out there? Probably not, that’s why it’s not at the top of or list. However, it’s great for name generation overall and definitely worth bookmarking for later use.


Choosing a domain name is one of the most important aspects of launching a website, but it’s also one of the most fun!

While it may seem like all of the good ones are taken, there are still literally millions of different domain name options available for the taking. You just need a little help finding them.

Thanks to these terrific domain name generators, you can do exactly that.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter in some keywords and find your perfect domain name today!

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